语法填空。 Do you want a friend 1____ you could tell everything to, like your deepest feelings and 2 _____
(think)? 3____ are you afraid that your friend would laugh at you, or would not understand what you
are going through ? Anne Frank wanted the first 4_____, so she made her diary her best friend. Anne
lived 5 Amsterdam in the Netherlands during World War II. Her family was Jewish so they had
to hide or they would be caught 6____the German Nazi.
She and her family hid away for nearly twenty-five months before they 7 (discover)_________.
During that time the only true friend was her 8____. She said, "I don"t want to set down a series of
facts in a diary 9___most people do, but I want this diary 10____ to be my best friend, and I shall
call my friend Kitty. 参考答案: 1. whom 2. thoughts 3. or 4 . kind 5. in
6.by 7. were discovered 8. diary 9. as 10 . itself

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