1. 过去我们学校周围有许多树。
There _______________ many trees around our school.
2. 刚才谁想出的这个好主意?
Who _______________ the good idea just now?
3. 在字典中查阅新单词是个好习惯。
It’s a good habit _______________ the new words in a dictionary.
4. 大连的天气与丹东的天气一样凉爽吗?
Is the weather in Dalian _______________that in Dandong?
5. 据我所知,汤姆已离开两周了。
As far as I know, Tom _______________ for two weeks.
6. 如果明天不下雨,我的家人将去野餐。
_______________ , my family will go for a picnic.
7. 这个足球属于我。
8. 请遵守学校的规章制度。
9. 他年龄够大了,可以上学了。
10. 到上英语课的时间了!
11. 你能告诉我他怎么了?

1. used to be
2. came up with/thought of
3. to look up
4. as cool as
5. has been away
6.If it doesn’t rain tomorrow
7.The/This soccer / football belongs to me. (…is mine 不给分)
8. Please follow /obey /keep the school rules.
9. He is old enough to go to school. (…so…that…也可)
10. It’s time to have an English class / lesson. (It’s time for an…也可)
11. Can/Could you tell me what’s wrong /the matter with him /what happened to him


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