•  Women are also underrepresented in the administration and this is because there are so few women full professors. In 1985,Regent Beryl Milburn produced a report blasting the University of Texas System adminitration for not encouraging women.The University was rated among the lowest for the system.In a 1987 update ,Milburn commended the progress that was made and called for even more improvement.

      One of the positive results from her study was a System-wide program to inform women of available administrative jobs.

      College of Communication Associate Dean Patrica Witherspoon,said it is important that woman be flexible when it comesto relocating if they want to rise in the ranks.

      Although a woman may face a chilly climate on campus , many times in order for her to succeed , she must rise above the problems around her and concentrate on her work.

      Until women make up a greater percentage of the senior positions in the University and all academia,inequities will exist.

      "Women need to spend their energies and time doing scholarly activities that are important here at the University." Spirduso said. "If they do that will be succesul in this system.If they spend their time in little groups mourning the sexual discrimination that they think exists here, they are wasting valuable study time."

      1.According to Spirduso,women need to ____.

      a.produce a report on sexual discrimination

      b.call for further improvement in their working conditions

      c.spend their energies and time fighting against sexual discrimination

      d.spend more time and energy doing scholarly activities

      2.From this passage ,we know that _____.

      a.there are many women full professors in the University of Texas

      b.women play an important part in adminitrating the University

      c.the weather on the campus is chilly

      d.women make up a small percentage of the senior positions in the University

      3.Which of the following statements is true?

      a.the number of women professors in the University in 1987 was greater than that of 1985

      b.the number of women professors in the University in 1987 was smaller than that of 1985

      c.the number of women professors was the same as that of 1985

      d.more and more women professors thought that sexual discrimination did exit in the University

      4.One of the positive results from Milburn"s study was that _____.

      a.women were told to con centrate on teir work

      b.women were given information about available administrative jobs

      c.women were encouraged to take on all the administrative jobs in the Unversity

      d.women were encouraged to do more scholarly activities

      5. The title for this passage should be _______.

      a.The University of Texas

      b.Milburn"s Report

      c.Women Professors

      d.Sexual Discrimination in Academia




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